Weekly Personal Log

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13 Apr

Signed team contract

15 Apr

Me and the design team met with Nate. The meeting was orignally just between Nate and the design team, but Elissa invited me last minute so that I could communicate back to the tech team what was discussed. We talked about project timelines and Nate's role in the project. Apparently Nate's own team at the Center for Sustainability has been designing this app for quite a while. I asked Nate for the github link; he's surprised we haven't gotten it yet. After the meeting I find the link to Jonny's repo and share with the team.

Edit: Jonny has since transfered ownership of the repository to SCU-Sustainaiblity. Also as of 6/11/2019 his project notebook is no longer listed on his personal webpage.

18 Apr

I had arranged a meeting with Jonny (the lead programmer from last quarter) and was planning on showing up today, but I had a schedule conflict at the last minute. I think Aastha was the only one who ended up talking to him in person.

19 Apr

I downloaded the code and the Flutter SDK, Following Jonny's setup instructions. We are still awaiting the access codes

23 Apr

Logged into the "offical" github and made sure that there were no differences between it's code and ours. Made a facebook messenger group chat with the tech team and Jonny. See team log for more details.

24 Apr

My computer breaks - it won't turn on even when plugged in. This might be because I borrowed Jazzy's charger yesterday and its voltage is different. I proceed to waste too much time in the next few days trying to fix it myself. I also wait too long before informing my team about this.

28-29 Apr

Bought a new computer at bestbuy, and set up everything all over again. I was not able to get the UI to display this time.

30 Apr

During class, finished getting the UI to dislay. Got past the login screen by changing _is_logged_in() to always return true. Updated the GANTT chart so it has dates and tasks.

EDIT: It is not up to date. If you're us, check the team drive, the issues are in a google doc. If you're Dr. JAK maybe you should tell us off for trying to use a spreadsheet for the GANTT chart instead of some dedicated GANTT software that isn't terrible.

2 May

Changed the SCU-Sustainability github from an account into a github organization. What this means is that you can no longer log into SCU-Sustainability. Instead, after this quarter is over I will transfer owership of the organization to Lindsey. (In practice that probably means transferring it to the github of someone on Nate's team to act as Lindsey's regent.) I started adding everyone to the organization, except I don't add Aastha and Francesca until Sunday because I didn't know their github handles and I forgot about the whole thing until then.

5 May

Met with team. Added Aastha and Francesca to SCU-Sustainability. After Jonny showed up, I told him to move his taste-the-waste repository to it. During the meeting I was able to get lots of stuff working on my actual phone (not emulator) including taking photos, notifications, and seeing posts in the feed.

I also changed the logos and the name to Extra Eats and added a button to upload an image from the gallery. Check out my commits.

9 May

Upgraded to most recent version of dart. I regret everything. Also I get sick and don't work on the server stuff.

14 May

Finally got around to fixing my dart install.

15 May

Updated the logo to not be a gradient. Updated the theme color to the light green used in the design team's presentation yesterday. After that, I showed the app to Jazzy and she gave some feedback on what to change.

16 May

Implemented Jazzy's recommendations:

Also, either today or later this week I added buttons in settings for hygiene guide and legal info. They don't work yet.

18 May

Met with Aastha and Sreya briefly. I started working on the setting page and on letting people stay logged in

21 May

In the morning, I kept working on persistent login and the settings page, without much success because I got sidetracked trying to get the app to connect to my local server. All I achieved was pulling Francesca's commits from last night and getting the error messages to show.

During class, I made a lot of progress with the tech team, despite some initial disagreements. (See team log)

I also agreed to send the design team some screenshots of notifications, so they could test different texts. Edit: I never did this.

26 May

I made a few UI changes: I seperated the date picker and time picker into seperate widgets, updated the logo, and made the buttons in the account selection screen the same length. See my commits.

27 May

I made the settings save when you close the app.

31 May

I gave away free donuts with the design team. See team log.

2 June

Made post-deletion work (with Francesca's help) and fixed the bug where the time-picker wasn't being reset when you made a post or canceled. See team log.

3 June

I vetoed my team and unilaterally removed the checkbox for the date picker, replacing it with a little arrow. I try but do not succeed in getting the account to stay logged in after the app closes, and I also do not succeed in getting the server on Heroku.

4 June

Finished setting up a Heroku instance of our server using Jonny's instructions. Now we can use the app without running a local server first. In theory. Unfortuantely, the server doesn't seem to serve posts (though it does send notifications correctly to android phones.) For the demo, we used the local server on my computer again.

Edit: If you're next year's team reading this, I did git subtree push --prefix master heroku in command line to push stuff in the server/ directory into the "Heroku" branch, and then on Heroku I connected it to the SCU-Sustainability github and selected the Heroku branch. Or, you could just click the link above.

5 June

Manually added environment variables to Heroku on the settings page. Removed .env file from the Heroku branch, then changed history so that the file isn't publicly available. I did this because the .env file contains sensitive login info and API keys which should only be available to the people in the project.