Weekly Team Log

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9 Apr

The full team met with Lindsey. We discussed timeline and project expectations, decided focus was on improving performance over making new features. Design team worked out how we were going to gather data and user-test this app. Notes

13 Apr

We finalized the team contract

15 Apr

Found and shared the github repository with the team. More details in personal log.

18 Apr

Aastha met with Jonny and shares the information with the team.

22 Apr

We made the GANTT chart [Edit: Updated Chart]. However, at the time we did not actually use this to do any planning, we just recorded what had been done so far.

23 Apr

Two people got MakerLab training. Me, Aastha, and I think Frencesca worked on the project. Aastha told me that she found the login information for the Center for Sustainability's gmail and github on Emily Zhang's weekly log from last quarter. (The login information has since been removed, as far as I can tell)

After training finished, the five of us got together and each individually worked on getting the app to run on our own computers. The UI team asked us when the app would be done, and we didn't know. Aastha told them that we would update the GANTT chart in the shared drive after seeing the what the app looks like (but we never did.) After Jonny told us over facebook messenger the updated environment variables, I was able to get the user interface to display on my android emulator. However Jonny is surprised by this and thinks this means the build is off.

30 Apr

During class, we continued the setup and touched base with the UI team.

5 May

At 1:30pm, the team met with Jonny, and he gave us the environment variables needed to connect to his personal mongoDB database. We finally got both the client and server to work, using these credentials. He also transfered ownership of the taste-the-waste git repository to the SCU-Sustainability github organization. I asked him to do this because this way we could have a common history of the work done and also any links or commits to Jonny's repo (and the wiki) will get automatically redirected to SCU-Sustainability's repo.

This is what we got working:

That is all work from last quarter. Additionally we made a list of coding tasks to based on the issues we found, and we agreed not to put it onto the GANTT chart because honestly it's kind of a bother and hard to read. Instead we did it in google docs. I personally think we should migrate to github's issue tracker

6 May

We finished the first reflection on our progress so far.

13 May

We finished the slides for the progress report tomorrow

14 May

We did the progress report. Lindsey wants us to remove allergen information. Not a popular decision.

21 May

Me and the team made a lot of progress today. (Frencesca was sick so she wasn't there.) After we touched base with Dr. JAK and with the design team, we went to a Heafey focus room. They wanted me to show them how to edit the UI because I was the only one who has done it so far, but my computer was slow, so we connected Aastha's computer to the big screen over the hdmi cable and I edited the code using her computer.

Matt asked me to add a checkbox on the submit post page that the user would click on in order to change the post time. I strongly disagreed. I thought it would be more elegant to simply show the default post time and have it change if the user clicks on it, but they felt like it was not clear to the user that the time is changeable. I suggested going to the design team to ask for their opinion on how to change the interface,but Matt insisted that it wasn't a design issue but a question of how the schedule data will be sent to the backend. (The point is moot - the design team already left, when I went to check.)

In the end, I decided to just go along with it and use the checkbox, knowing that we would run it by the design team later anyways. With that out of the way, the rest of the session was very rewarding. It was fun pair quadruple programming with the three of them - there was a lot of back and forth, helpful suggestions, and jokes. I hope we can do it more in the future.

22 May

Matt, Aastha, and Sreya met in the afernoon. I also came later but they were mostly done by then.

28 May

Me, Aastha, and Sreya met with Lindsey to discuss the allergen tags. After discussing, she changed her mind and approved it, as long as it's optional for the event planner and that the language makes it clear that the tags aren't definitive.

30 May

After talking with Elissa about my availability, we agreed to move the demo to tomorrow.

31 May

I joined the design team to do a demo of the app. We offered people free donuts from Krispy Kreme on the condition that they test the app and fill out a short survey about it. I was there to run the server locally on my computer. I don't know why, but the app didn't work on Elissa's device, even after I gave her a fresh version, so we ended up just using my phone to demo because it worked on mny phone.

2 June

The whole tech team met at 6pm to work on the project. Aastha, Sreya, and Francesca were able to get the app and server to run eventually. Also during this time, Matt worked on some more server stuff, and me and Francesca made post deleting work.

Aastha (and Sreya) convinced us that the logo with the bowl was inferior to Nate's logo with the eco-tray, however Aastha failed to convince us to do much about it. Aastha some time on groupme, trying to convince the UI team to use Nate's logo.

3 June

We quickly finish the slides.

4 June

Matt gets post scheduling to work.